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DIY: Leather Tassel

diy: leather tassel


I am currently at LAX finishing this DIY Leather Tassel☺️. I made this tassel last week for my luggages. I was originally going for a bright, and obvious color, but when I came across this leather I couldn’t resist. 😍The smell of leather reminds me of when I was a little girl in my dads living room. The only thing missing would be the cuban cigar scent, but I can live without that.😁 I purchased the leather from downtown LA; not knowing how I was going to begin this DIY project. After measuring, and two cups of coffee, it was easy-peasy.

1)I started off by measuring a perfect rectangle on the leather. 2) I then folded the leather rectangle in half (hamburger style🍔). 3) I used a pen to mark lines where the tassel would be cut (about a quarter centimeter apart) 4.) I cut them as straight as I could leaving about 1.5 inches to be able to roll them together . (✈️currently editing on the airplane…using Fly-fi…how fun!✈️) 5.) I made sure to roll the top as tightly as I could keeping both sides even. 6.) Once I got the roll perfect I “sealed” it with hot glue so it would stay together . 7.) I continued to cutting 2 thinner rectangle piece for the key chain link. 8.) one was placed over the tassel covering the glue from the wrapped part, and the other wrapped horizontally over the tassel covering the extra 1.5 inch. All sealed with hot glue.

My tassel ended up being about 5 inches long, and about 1.5 inches thick. My tassel looks very simple, but as long as I use it, the leather will absorb oils, and eventually give a beautiful, unique color. One other great alternatives is pleather; a plastic leather that is cheaper, and has great color options. Hope you have fun recreating this tassel!

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