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Los Angeles based style blogger Andrea Rockwood started her D.I.Y. journey in 2012 with her own creations, as well as contributing to the D.I.Y. section of a fashion website. From there she has worked with several L.A. based photographers and models for various photoshoots. She has gone onto representing major online shopping sites as a Brand Ambassador. Company’s like and Public Desire. In 2016, she decided to continue her style blogging journey and launched OBFC (Okay, But First Coffee).

Now she shares her love of creation and expression through fashion with like-minded readers who also have a dedication to style and are on the endless search for creative inspiration. She has been featured in several fashion and lifestyle magazines and websites, such as Vogue, W Magazine and Refinery29. Andrea believes in the importance of looking and feeling beautiful, as well as learning to create beauty, with or without the exorbitant price tag. She hopes to provide readers with ideas to feed the creative mind and build a brand based on elegant, innovative style.


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