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DIY Hair Chain


This is probably the easiest DIY project I have ever made. I could have made it more complex, added designs or different length chains, but I wanted this to be simple. These are items you can find around your house. I up-cycled an old gold necklaces I didn’t use anymore, and took off the chains. I had gold links from an old project, but if you use an old necklace you can reuse the links that it has. Pliers were from my tool box (yes, MY tool box¬†ūüėČ) and bobby pins are from my hair accessories. So I literally made this DIY hair¬†chain from things around my house. This little to no money project is the perfect way to glam up an outfit, and you can wear this hair chain in from of your hair or in the back with an updo!

Things you need:

  • Pliers/tweezers. Can be found at any ¬†hardware store, craft store or 99cents & Dollar Tree’s.
  • Bobby pins. Beauty supply store, drug store, or the bottom of your purse.
  • Chain. Joanns, Michaels, or an old necklace.
  • Links. Joanns, Michaels, or from old necklace.


  • Use pliers/ tweezers to open link.
  • Once link is open add desired amount of chain.
  • When done, close link and repeat on other side. (I decided to make a braid with the chain)
  • As soon as both links are finished, slide link hoop on to booby pin, and TADA you have your vary own hair chain.

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