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Little Blue Culotte.

I am constantly coming up with new projects that I HAVE TO DO. Unfortunately a lot of these sewing projects are way out of my league. I’ve never taken a sewing class, or a fashion course. So when I say “out of my league” I really do mean out of my league. I have to admit that I have a pretty great imagination when it comes to creating things, even building them, but sewing always kicks my butt!

The Story

I went to Forever21 while they had a “buy one, get one” sale, and of course I had to stop by, and see what they had in stock. I ended up falling for this beautiful grey blouse, but I didn’t have my “get one” and I didn’t want to leave the store with one item (even though I wasn’t going to lose any money by just getting the one item) so I searched. The bargain shopper in me crawled out, and literally started crawling the floors (because you never know what might have fallen in the back). Thats when I found the jumpsuit. I am rarely a jumpsuit person, because of my odd torso, but the bottom of this jumpsuit was amazing. The fabric was heavy, but soft. The color was perfect for all seasons. The cut was wide at the bottom, but cropped to give it an edge. I thought “these would look so great as culotte pants”, of course I didn’t think about the struggle it might cause me. All I could think about is “new project”…and I am a sucker for projects.  So I bought them.

"Well, what the heck is a culotte pant?"



noun: culotte; plural noun: culottes
  1. women’s knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt.

About a week ago, or later

I tackled the project 1 week later. All I could think about in those 7 days, 10hrs, and 45 mins was the belt I was going to use (so it had to have belt loops), the crop top I could wear to show my arms (so it had to be high waisted), and the million ways I could where these blue culotte pants.

Diving in

Like I said before I’ve never taken a sewing class before. So I dove in. I started separating the top portion of the jumpsuit from the bottom. Then I started brainstorming waist band options. I didn’t want anything too difficult; So I needed something stretchy, but not cheap. I was sitting down starring off into space, and noticed this yellow bag in the corner of my eye. It was my brothers donation bag. I walked over to see if he had anything that I can take apart, and get an idea from. Thats when I found his old work slacks. They had a strong waist band (check!), no zipper (check!), belt loops (check!!) they were perfect. This made me love the idea of my culotte pants even more. Not to mention the waist band was going to be a different color..can anyone say color block?


I took the band apart. (easy) I measured my waist, and cut the band to fit. (easy) but, I didn’t realize that my easy project needed a zipper. (not easy) So i started thinking again…I had about 2 yards of fabric to work with (from my brothers pants) and decided to create my own band. I salvaged the belt hoops it had, I cut the largest piece I could, I saved the zipper, and I started building.

I cut the fabric 29″ long, and 5″ high. I then measured, and pressed the sides I was going to sew in. Leaving me with a 2″ waist band. Then I pinned my 5 belt loops, and pinned the pants from the jumpsuit. I started off by sewing the top of the hoops. Next I pinned my zipper, and sewed it in. Finally, I sewed the pants to the band. I have to admit that the zipper kicked my butt, but I am happy with my results!

All in the details

Crop Top: Forever 21 $8.90

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 SOLD OUT

High heels: $39.95 (check out the nude pair)

Weave jacket: H&M SOLD OUT

Clutch: Thrift store find

Sunglasses: Forever 21 $5.90

Belt: Thrift store find

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  • Jessica Jones

    I absolutely love doing things like this…..many times I find myself stuck because I cant find the perfect item. Awesome to find someone who does the same thing.

    March 15, 2016 at 12:59 AM Reply

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