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That One Time… I Went to Little Damage.

I am currently enjoying a glass of my favorite wine🍷, watching How I Met Your Mother, and blogging💻. It’s 11:42 and I’m hungry. 😩Like “eat the entire bag of chips” hungry.😁 It also doesn’t help that I am blogging about ‘That time I went to little damage’; even though I didn’t have any. 😭Yes, thats right, I didn’t eat the ice cream. (They ran out of the Vegan option.) Which just makes me want it more😩! Last Sunday I drove up to LA’s fashion district. I needed to buy materials for my upcoming DIY project!😄 I love walking around LA. One street you have beautiful fabrics, then turn the corner and you’re surrounded by flowers.🌸 ❤️In the midst of all this wondering, I wanted ice cream.🍦 #foreverhungry So I did what any normal person would do, I googled it.😂 I googled Little Damage, because, you know, its what all the cool kids are eating these days.💁 So I uber’d my little but up a few blocks. There on the corner of Spring & 7th st., surrounded by tree’s and gorgeous LA architecture was Little Damage.🙌🏻 I stood in line, which was wrapped around the corner, and enjoyed the view.☺️ Little Damage is everything I hope it would be. Finally, after 30 minutes of waiting it was my turn! BUT, like I mentioned before they were out of the vegan option.👿 So I just took some photos, and gave it away. All in all, I look forward to visiting this place again. ☺️❤️

Outfit Details


Bottoms: Vintage

Sunglasses: Gucci

Shoes: Urban Outfitters SALE!

Purse: Steve Madden

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Let me know whats your favorite Little Damage ice cream flavor!

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