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My Brooch Collection!

Remember your grandmother getting ready for a night out? She had a little too much perfume, her heels were 1.5 inches tall (MAX!😆), and she wore a silk scarf around her neck secured by a brooch. Brooches: those pins old ladies used to wear. Thing of the past? Certainly not; well at least not for me. My brooch collection has grown to be a unique part of my style.😍

My obsession started with my other obsession for vintage style.😍Turbans, pashmina’s, over sized costume jewelry, and a little brooch to “secure” the look. I love my brooches because they’re so versatile. A brooch can make a plain top pop, or add a little bit of glam to a look. You can customize a bag, or vamp up a denim jacket. Brooches are the new and upcoming trend. Thats why I decided to share my collection with you. From my marked pieces, to my $1 finds, these brooches will make you want to raid your mothers jewels!

“Brooches: Those pins old ladies used to wear”

My Brooch Collection

  1. Leopard brooch from a local antique fair.

2. Fly brooch from Palmyra, Illinois. One of my favorite brooches because the wings actually bounce!

3.Humming bird brooch from a local antique fair. Purchased this baby for $1!

4.Mickey Mouse “vintage” style” brooch/pin. Anything Disney is always a good idea. From Disneyland.

5.Gold Butterfly Brooch from an antique mall in Illinois!

6.Vintage earring’s from a local antique fair. These are in my brooch collection, because they’re great for button replacements, or collar decor.

7.Purchased this brooch from an antique fair for $3. Came home, and cleaned all my finds, only to discover a Dior stamp on it. #FTW

8.A D.I.Y brooch. Found this little peacock at a dollar tree, and turned it into a brooch. Super savvy😍

9. Purchased this brooch in Illinois for $3. I later found a Monet stamp on it.

10. Found this beauty at Forever 21. This $5 brooch is the perfect way to start your collection!

11. Bought these vintage earring’s paired with a giant brooch. I like to use vintage earrings as brooches as well for bags, or collars.

12. This is the brooch responsible for my obsession/collection! First brooch ever, purchased for $1!

13.  This $2  gem was given to me by my mom. After some research I found out this brooch is from the 1920’s. Is that not cool? I wonder how many other stylish gals have worn it.

14. This giant brooch came with a pair of hearing’s…all for $3! How awesome!

15. This beautiful Swarovski bumble bee was found at a local antique shop for $3.

16. A little dainty hummingbird found at the bottom of basket!

17.Another insect to my collect. Found this baby while i was on the road to Chicago.

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