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My Valentines Day “Must Haves”!


Here are some of my “must haves” for this Valentine’s season. Whether you plan to celebrate this romanic holiday alone or with a special someone these items are sure to make your day romantically fun! Enjoy dolls!

  1. Chancy $39.95-Can we just appreciate the structure of these heels? From boho chic, to date night, to classy polished..these strappy heels are the perfect sexy statement for any occasian! These beauties are available at (here). Get 50% your first purchase, and you can save even more when a friend invites you! Also available in black.
  2. H&M Soft-cup Lace Bra $17.99–  I can just picture myself wearing this cute lace bra under my outfit on Valentines Day  and just feeling super sexy & confident. No one know’s I’m wearing such a cute comfy bra…kind of feels like my own dirty little secret! This bra is available at H&M (here) and it come in 4 different colors so you can have your own little secret all year long!
  3. O.P.I “Over the Taupe”– Not your classy extra shiny red or your soft pink, but this is my Valentines Day must have nail polish this year. Love this nail polish because it gives your mani or pedi a naked feel..I mean how is that not sexy? You can by this soft taupe polish at (here) or visit your nearest drugstore!
  4. Too Faced “Lashgasm” mascara $21– This mascara is one of my favorite high end mascaras. I can build my lashes up to look extra voluminous and full. I opt for this mascara when I decided to go with no eyeliner…definitely puts in work! Can be purchased at (here) or at (here).
  5. Lush “Rosy Cheeks” face mask $12.95– If you want your face to feel as soft as a new born baby’s butt then this is your mask! This amazingly great smelling pink face mask has natural ingredients like calamine that help sooth your skin. And just like the name “Rosy Cheeks” it contains natural
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    rose petals and rose oil…so fresh it has to be refrigerated! Can be purchased at (here.) or visit your nearest Lush store for a FREE sample!
  6. H&M Lace thong $7.99– If you love my must have bra then you’ll love these matching panties. Why not make it a set? Can be purchased at (here) or visit your nearest H&M store.
  7. Dolce&Gabbana “Dolce” parfum $74-$180– You know how they say scent can be associated with memories? That is what “Dolce” is to me.  This gentle, feminine scent is my weekend reminds me of calm, relaxing, fun moments and I make it a point to only wear it on weekends…I mean you don’t want to be wearing this while doing boring errands on wednesday morning! You can purchase this scent at (here) or (here).
  8. Forever 21 ring set $5.90- cute or cute? Stackable, dainty, goldtone beauties are my must have this Valentines Day! I can start off my day with 1 or 2, and for my V-day dinner stack them up! You can buy these at (here) or your local Forever 21!
  9. LimeCrime velvetines  “Red Velvet” $20– THISSSS!!! I purchased my first LimeCrime velvetine in 2012 and I am hooked! This is one of my favorite brands. “Red Velvet” is my perfect red matte liquid lipstick that has the perfect blue undertone! Can be purchased at (here) or (here)

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