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OOTD: Chelsea & The M.E.T!

OOTD: Chelsea & The M.E.T!

OOTD: Chelsea & The M.E.T!


OOTD: Chelsea & The M.E.T! is about my last few outfits in NYC. From walking in the freezing cold, to gazing at my favorite paintings these outfits where exactly what I needed.🙏 Our trip to NYC was great to us, but if I can pick the one day that wasn’t…I would have to pick this one. 😖 It was unbelievably cold. ❄️ My outfit for this day was barley enough to keep me alive (or so I felt).😵 At this point in my trip I had completely abandoned my makeup, and the other 17 pairs of shoes I packed. 😱I kept going back to my booties, and plain old moisturizer. I also was looking for comfort…even though I had packed gorgeous outfits. I craved the exploration more than the OOTD. 😁 ….and explore we did. For this OOTD I layered up! I wore a midi long sleeve dress, with black tights. My (already seen) grey coat, and color block blanket scarf. Even though this OOTD had minimal accessories, I loved the colors in the scarf, and dress.😍

Dress: H&M

Coat: Forever 21

Shoes: Justfab

Scarf: Forever 21 


My second outfit for my OOTD: Chelsea & The M.E.T! was a classic t-shirt & jeans.😉 It was as comfy as it looked, and I loved it!😍😍 I wore a graphic crop top with boyfriend jeans. Paired it with my (lets all say it together now) black booties. The M.E.T is a big museum so I made sure to pick something that would be comfortable for standing, and sitting, and sitting, and standing. I didn’t want to tug, or fix, or take care of anything. All I wanted to do was enjoy the art. and thats exactly what I did on this rainy day.☺️

TOP: Forever 21

Bottoms: Forever 21

Shoes: JustFab

Belt: Thrift find.

Coat: Forever 21

Scarf: Forever 21


Urban Outfitters $35
Levis $88
Missguided $17
Urban Outfitters $90

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