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Feeling Blue


Feeling blue? These days, sunny LA, has become pouring LA. Although, the grey skies, and the wet city (very wet city) don’t put a damper on my mood; It has begun to affect my color palette. I’ve been leading towards the cooler tones. Therefore feeling the blues.

I love the color blue. At the moment, blue is the new black. It’s very easy to buy black everything. No offense to the color black, I love it! It’s slimming, sexy, and clean. It goes great on every skin-tone, size, and gender, but its so easy to pick black everything. I want color, and if that means I have to “replace” the color black, then fine. Wow, I sure do ramble. Feeling blue is a happy phrase for moi, and I hope it can be one of your primary colors in your next #OOTD.

When I found this top at @ZARA my heart started pounding. You know that feeling when you find something too good to be true?  You first look around (why? I don’t really know, maybe its an animal instinct.) Then you check the price, size, and then the price again; you can’t believe you found something you actually like in the clearance. You quickly run to the cashier’s, pay and get the heck out of their. With a huge smile on your face. Yup, that was me last week at Zara. I was sort of bummed though. This was such a cute flow top, that wasn’t right for the current weather. I was feeling blue. (This time, literally)

Then I came across one of Arielle Charnas’ Instagram photos, and I had my outfit. Arielle is one of my current fav bloggers. She has great casual style. Her feed for NYFW is back to back bookmark worthy! Any who, I was a bit skeptical about falling onto the “tank over t-shirt” trend, but Arielle made it look so effortlessly chic. I also really wanted to wear my tank.

Still feeling blue? Okay, I’ll stop now. Started this #OOTD with this very unique tank. The unique design of this top made it easy for me to choose simple options. I layered the tank, over a cropped sweater that gave the look another texture. I paired the two tops with high waisted jeans. Fi

#OOTD Details

Crop Sweater from thrift store

Navy Blue Tank from ZARA 

Jeans from H&M

Pumps from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

Handbag from a local boutique

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