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REVOLVE Social Club!

REVOLVE Social Club


Top Row: “Hey.” Entrance to the REVOLVE Social Club; Seating inside the social club; Some of our food from Gracias Madre in West Hollywood. Left: “I want it all” wall art; Below: Some more snaps from the seating area.

Its Tuesday! I am currently working from my bed.😌(no, no, I have a VERY long day ahead of me😬) I want to share my weekend with all of you!💕 Lately, Ive been on a very positive note, because life is good.❤️

Last Sunday I celebrated a birthday with a friend of mine.🎉🎉I was raving about my favorite restaurant, @GMWEHO,🙌🏻and I was excited to FINALLY take her there. This is my favorite restaurant. If you’ve never been there…..GO! Its all organic, plant based cuisine, and its BOMB!💣I felt like we ordered everything on the menu.😬Mind you this is probably the 3rd week in a row I’ve been here. We talked over mimosas, enjoyed the view, and the weather was superb.☀️🍸I then took her to the REVOLVE social club, that was only 5 mins from Gracias Madre.👌I have to admit..going to the REVOLVE Social Club was a little bit more for me, than for her, but she did get some neat instagrammable photos! (Sorry friend!)😬The REVOLVE Social Club was a dream!Pink, marble, brass, all types of textures…if I had my dream home…that would be my dream home.🏠We walked around the 3 story building, snapping photos along the way. Soaked up some sun at the rooftop☀️😎, and looked at some beautiful Coachella pieces.🎡

As we were finally rapping up our impromptu iphone shoot, I spotted @NEGIN_MIRSALEHI !😱I sat there starring at her, and her beau; I couldn’t get the words out to tell my friend “LOOK!”😵Now, I follow quiet a bit of bloggers, but Negin is one of my favorites. She not only has amazing style👠, but she is a globetrotter🌍, and she’s an amazing business women #GIRLBOSS (She has her own line of hair products, @GISOU_OFFICIAL)🙌🏻She shares so much of her life with her followers; she has inspired me! This encounter could not have been any more perfect.I met Negin, I talked to her, hugged her, and then hugged her again because she knew how star struck I was.😬

If this alone wasn’t the perfect weekend already, then hows this? During the midst of all this Sunday funday I received an email congratulating me on becoming a REVOLVE affiliate!😱Now that my friends is just the cherry on top.🍒

Make sure to check out #REVOLVESOCIALCLUB for tons of festival inspiration!

Love you all,


Dress: Honey Punch 

Heels: $25 from DTLA

Purse: ZARA

Belt: H&M

  • Cindy T.

    Loving all the pink! What an amazing weekend, negin is NOW my new obsession! Thank you for sharing!

    April 12, 2017 at 5:37 PM Reply

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