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That The Museum of Ice Cream!

The Museum

Lets talk about That Time at The Museum of Ice Cream! This museum is every thing you dream of; rainbows, sunshine, pink walls, and most importantly … ICE CREAM! Although, I was a bit disappointed that TMOIC did not have one vegan option, I still was impressed with all the goodies. But seriously its LA! Never the less, the museum lives up to its social media hype! Every room lived up to its expectation. The best part? The music. Dancing your way through the museum, along with your friends is the cherry on top!

I was lucky to get Saturday tickets back in April. When purchasing these tickets I was hoping for morning tickets, but ended up with a 9pm slot. Little did I know that this will work in my favor. The museum lets groups in every half hour. Since we had the last time slot we were grouped with 2 other people. This arrangement couldn’t have been anymore perfect. We didn’t have to wait for the walls to clear up, or for people to move to get the perfect shot…..we basically had every room to ourselves! It’s a bloggers dream come true!

Sweet Tips!

  • Plan to go with fun energetic people. I was lucky to go with some amazing blogger friends. Pariz from @IMELIPARIZ, Day from Dancing in Vogue (@DANCINGINVOGUE) & Megan from @meganmaaarie.
  • Plan to take a good camera. Even though it’s the cutest place in California, it has the WORST lighting. Bring a good camera with a great flash!
  • This is a given, but take plenty of photos of your friends. Mainly because they will be forced to take photo’s of you too. #YOUREWELCOME
  • Yes, you should put thought into your outfit! Bring a second one if you absolutely can’t decide. Pinks, reds, & sparkles are a go-to.
  • Most importantly have fun!”

Outfit Details

Top – H&M $7  SHOP HERE

Bottoms- ZARA $15  SHOP HERE (in black)




Comment below your favorite room or what your excited to see when you visit!

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