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Travel Blog: Goodbye NY!

Travel Blog: Goodbye NY!

Travel Blog: Goodbye NY!


Travel Blog: Goodbye NY! is all about my last few days in the Big Apple.😕 These were the days we enjoyed all of Manhattan. On the last Sunday of our trip we went thrifting! This was one of the things I had been looking forward to do.😄  So we started our day. On one of the coldest days. 😖It was freezing cold.❄️ I layered up as much as I could, but my nose and finger tips were frost bite! (jk, OOTD here) We first took the subway through the Brooklyn Bridge where it dropped us off in Chelsea. This place is where my alternate self is living in an alternate universe. 😌 💭Chelsea is less crowded, and quiet. I love it! 😍But first, COFFEE! ☕️We started the hunt for a Starbucks. This is when we gave up on random coffee shops. 😫The only place that served hot, rich, and decently priced coffee was Starbucks. Good thing Manhattan has more than 200 locations! 👍After breakfast we found ourselves in the Flatiron District, and in front of the one & only Flatiron building. 😍After enjoying the view of this historic landmark, we went thrifting. I ended up buying way more than I could carry. and I mean way more. Our fingers were not only loosing feeling because of the weather, but from the weight of everything we were carrying! If this wasn’t enough, we walked, WALKED to the High Line.😫(it was only 1 mile, but you get it)  This used to be a NY railroad. Previously known as the West Side Line, and now repurposed into an urban park. Yes, a park on top of a railroad track. It was a great place to end our night.❤️


The next day we visited the MET!😍 The day was a bit wet, but I didn’t care because it was the MET! (sounds like a great song🎶) The home of some of my favorite paintings from my favorite artists. The place where I can loose time starring at Van GoghCabanelMonetSargent, and the home of the MET Gala.😍 I was happy! We walked for hours. We tried to look at everything! Towards the end, we ended up at the gift shop where I bought the entire store! 💸💸 I didn’t, but I did come out with tons of things! When we left it was sprinkling a bit, so we walked through Central Park. ☔️ Alone!😁 It was so beautiful even on a rainy day. We stopped by the Central Park Zoo, and “talked” to the sea lions. (long, but funny story) We ended up in Time Square again, and that is where our day ended!❤️

Little fun story👠…When I was in NY I met a shoe designer. We talked for hours about everything. She shared everything with me; love, life, school, design career…everything! She showed me her portfolio, and all the amazing shoes she has designed. This designer is the mother of one of the most popular pair of heels. Most of you ladies probably have them in your closet! I am so thrilled to have met such a talented person, and to have been able to share so many stories.👠 (but, for private reason’s I will not be sharing her name or designs.)


Some tips worth sharing if you plan on visiting NYC soon:

  • Save souvenir shopping for the M.E.T. They have a better selection of great quality gifts for decent prices.
  • Have take-out. The High Line is a great place to sit, and have lunch.
  • Pack an umbrella.You just never know! and you don’t want to waist your money and time on an ugly cheap one.
  • Look up historical landmarks. NYC is filled with historical places, and without even knowing it one might be around the corner! Make a list so you never have to miss a good photo.

OOTD: Like my outfit? Details here!

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